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Our company represents more than 60 years of industry innovation and leadership in poultry genetics, biotechnology, agriculture and engineering.

Our core competency is in the production of turkey eggs and poults. As your operation's poult supplier of choice, we are committed to providing you the highest quality poults at the greatest value. You are our top priority. In order to best serve your needs, we have gathered an experienced team of high integrity, high quality people who are the best in the breeding and hatching industries.

The superior quality of our poults can largely be attributed to innovative intellectual property, discovered within WPC and its Life-Science Innovations (LSI) affiliates, and applied to the day-old poults. (More details about LSI and its affiliates can be reviewed by selecting the tab titled 'LSI Home Page'.) Furthermore, our advanced managerial and husbandry processes continue to strengthen the quality of eggs and poults we provide.

Willmar Poultry Company is committed to ensuring the health and well-being of its turkeys by adopting and following the National Turkey Federation's science-based Animal Care Guidelines and its Turkey Industry Principles.

We produce about 100 million commercial eggs annually throughout our Eastern and Midwest locations and hatch over 50 million poults at the Willmar hatchery and over 15 million poults at the Foley custom hatchery. The Willmar hatchery is the largest in the industry and typically delivers over 1,000,000 poults weekly to customers.


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